Facebook’s New Button

Facebook is cruel.
Instead of inviting me into Graph Search, Facebook’s more intelligent search engine, they’ve instead decided to give me a new fancy button; the “Post From Any Page” button.

Post from any page button Facebook

I first spotted this small button last night within the top-right hand corner of my user display. Much like Twitter, this button allows you to post an update from any page while on Facebook instead of having to travel back to your newsfeed or personal profile. When clicked, a prompt window opens with dialogue very similar to what you would see when posting a Facebook status.

Post from any page button facebook dialogue

It’ll be interesting to see what Facebook decides to do with this button. It seems like a small diversion from their effort to implement Facebook Graph Search across all of its US users and it signals to me that maybe they are still having some issues. However, I am guessing Facebook is implementing this feature as a way to encourage its users to share more by lowering the barrier it takes to make a status update, or they  may be testing the feature to see if they should implement it within their new user interface. No one is quite sure why or what is going on behind this new feature, but in the mean time I will continue to pout that I still don’t have Facebook Graph Search.

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