Kevin C. Walker’s Personal Website


Kevin C. Walker

When planning for the build of my brand new personal site I wanted make a statement and keep the following in the forefront of the design:

1. Aligned with emerging digital design trends.

– Parallax Scrolling.
– Responsive build to work very well with large screens, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
– Dynamic Modular Design.
– Big Buttons.
– Infinite scrolling/info-graphic styled web layout.

2. Sets the branding bar for all integrated brand efforts across all social media, print material, and digital work.

3. Give users an experience that is unique, fun, and that they’ll never forget.

4. Displays my work experience & portfolio in an intuitive and effective format.

5. Clearly communicates who I am, what I look like, what I love, and how they can contact me.

6. Easy to use backend and a light front end to make the experience quick and enjoyable across all platforms.


Share Pulse

Click Here to Download PDF Project Presentation From DropBox

SharePulse is the product of Startup Weekend Minneapolis 2012. My team earned honorable mention and the Best UX/UI Award.
SharePulse is a website where students can earn free stuff and marketers can benefit from the students vast social network. SharePulse is an online and mobile buzz marketing tool that connects local and national businesses with University of Minnesota students by encouraging sharing of select promotional media with their Facebook friends in exchange for free product and special deals. With this target market and goal in mind, we focused our design planning around the following:

  1. Communicate what Share Pulse is, what it’s about, and how it works as quickly as possible to new site users.

  2. Make site usability as convenient and swift as possible for users.

  3. Clearly communicate what deal opportunities users currently have, and will have in the future.

  4. Give the site an exclusive, members only feel.

  5. Build a site that is unique, attractive, and impactful.

  6. Provide a mobile app experience for Tablet’s that allow mobile users to take advantage of deals away from the computer.


Live Beyond Logic


Live Beyond Logic

Live Beyond Logic is an Extreme Sports lifestyle blog currently building momentum around the United States, particularly in the Northwest & Midwest US. The blog team consists of several professional extreme sports riders/enthusiasts from all over the nation, so many design aspects had high attrition to their tastes, personalities, and preferences. The site is still being fully produced, and the site still has very loose goals, however I took the following design planning strategies into consideration:

  1. Emits and inspires community.

  2. Radiates a youthful energy often associated with extreme sports.

  3. Offers users a calm and peaceful escape from reality.

  4. Provides a premium space to showcase writer stories, images, and multi-media.

  5. Make all content innately social.

  6. Responsive web framework to allow easy readability across large screens, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

  7. Built on a web-framework that offers convenience, access to tools, and ease-of-use for all blog-contributors.